Poems and writings about Dwelling.

The Snow Leaving by Bill Hutchins

Forming a Relationship with a Forest is as with a Human Being

Forming a relationship with a forest is as with a human being, and also begins and is centered on opening our heart to the other. Then, listen, especially to unspoken words. See each other, not a fantasy projected from our longings. Have no agenda other than being open to what is actually there. Engage. Enjoy! Be willing to […]

Our First Home is the Earth - Beams of Love Blog Post - Dwelling to Make Home

Our First Home is the Earth

Time to experience the Wild, time to connect to our Primal Roots I am daily seeing more fully the annihilation of the beautiful garden we were given, our precious earth.  Take this in, your experience of what’s happening. And then put yourself in the memory of a loved place in wilderness – see it, smell […]


Book Recommendation: A Home for the Soul by Anthony Lawlor

Resources – Books to Read A Home for the Soul, by Anthony Lawlor, is a beautiful book revealing ways to dwell in every aspect of our home. Anthony Lawlor is a California based architect who discusses the inner life of many aspects of our home. He explores mindfully living in ways that connect us with […]

Two or more... an exploration of relationship - Dwelling to Make Home Bill Hutchins - jonas-von-werne-605042-unsplash

Two or More… An Exploration of Relationship

Beams of Love I recently gave a good friend a deep hug, one of those hugs where you melt into the other, when your mind isn’t, only this deep space you’ve entered. When we came back, she softly and playfully said, “that was Dwelling.” I feel a second book is growing in me, and it’s exploring […]


Contemplating a Wendell Berry Poem to Learn to be at Home

Beams of Love – Exploring Poetry “The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our feet, and learn to be at home.” Wendell Berry […]

Being Part of Life - Seven Ways to Bring Life-force into Your Home

Being Part of Life… Seven Ways to Bring Life-Force Into Your Home

Seven Ways to Bring Life-Force into Your Home – Tips for Ecological Living I’m especially entranced this late spring by the abundance of life-force bursting out of the earth! More than abundant – the growth seems to be the air that I breathe.  Leaves everywhere, in many shades of green; stalks reaching further out each […]

Book reading experience - tulip

John Bayerl’s Book Experience

Client stories – John shares his experience of the book after attending a book reading This week’s blog post is written by John Bayerl. John attended the Dwelling Book Reading Experience on April 21 and wanted to share his impressions with us. Thank you John! After attending one of Bill’s book reading experiences and listening to […]


Biophilia, Biomimicry & Dwelling at the Living Future unConference

Inspired to create a new workshop for architects, designers & professionals to help them reveal their clients’ poetic program. I just returned from Portland(ia), at the Living Future un-Conference from May 1-4. While there I dove deep into Biophilia and Biomimicry – creating place from a deep intention to love life (here’s the blog post […]


Recordings from a Book Reading Experience

5 recordings of Bill reading poetry from Dwelling This post comes a week late, as we landed from the first Dwelling book reading experience and gathered our thoughts and feedback, and started getting ready for the Living Future unConference in Portland, Oregon… but that will have to wait until next week! For now, we leave […]