Poems and writings about Dwelling.

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Divine Beings

Russia Violates Ukraine, 4 Every leaf is divine Essential, precious, love-filled Every leaf speaks Truth, wonder, light Every leaf equal Every leaf falls Becomes food for its tree Every soldier is divine Essential, precious, love-filled Every soldier speaks Killing   Every soldier equal Every soldier may fall Blood feeding earth A bullet kills us all the same […]

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Russia Violates Ukraine, 3 In the beginning  Was every beginning To the life Within a seed, Falling to the earth Is a beginning Two waterdrops merge Begin a trickle Begin a brook Begin a river Begin an ocean Begin life Two people face each other Not understanding each other Not open to beginning Begin separation […]

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A Pearl

Russia Violates Ukraine, 2 In a seed, a tree In an embryo, a babyIn a word, a story In light, life In life, light In a touch, love In a planet, life In a spark, fire In a brook, an ocean In lightning, thunder In surf, union In water, ice In water, life In a […]

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All of It

Russia Violates Ukraine, 1 watch snow breathe         unwind snow    gentle           silence          stillness no wind           only snow falling falling through me heaven’s touch keep watchingnothing else to do But there is. Freezing, dense snow Birds flash here […]

How the Beatitudes can help connect to Oneness by Bill Hutchins

How the Beatitudes can help connect to Oneness

The Beatitudes are a series of nine proverbs (I’m only presenting the first six; the last three are different in approach).  As all spiritual wisdom, they are a road map to our Oneness — ways to find God’s blessing — which we’ll likely not arrive at in this incarnation.  Being on the road is its […]

FollowtheLight_Learning to Love a Forest

Nine Ways to Dwell by Following the Light

A central, powerful way to Dwell is to follow the light.   We know the world by the sun’s rays reflecting off form, streaming into our heart and mind through our eyes.  We are then united with that form’s being. More deeply, light animates life.  Spirit rides light’s currents, enters us, enlivens us.   Here are a […]

Visceral Response to This Forest. Photo by Zach Callahan.

My Visceral Response to This Forest

I feel at home in this forest.  As I enter the forest, peace permeates me.  This experience feels primal; I had this dense knowing as a child.  And this feeling is different now, perhaps as I had been astray — all of those career days in the city — and am returning.  Those years apart […]

The Snow Leaving by Bill Hutchins

Forming a Relationship with a Forest is as with a Human Being

Forming a relationship with a forest is as with a human being, and also begins and is centered on opening our heart to the other. Then, listen, especially to unspoken words. See each other, not a fantasy projected from our longings. Have no agenda other than being open to what is actually there. Engage. Enjoy! Be willing to […]

Our First Home is the Earth - Beams of Love Blog Post - Dwelling to Make Home

Our First Home is the Earth

Time to experience the Wild, time to connect to our Primal Roots I am daily seeing more fully the annihilation of the beautiful garden we were given, our precious earth.  Take this in, your experience of what’s happening. And then put yourself in the memory of a loved place in wilderness – see it, smell […]