How the Beatitudes can help connect to Oneness

The Beatitudes are a series of nine proverbs (I’m only presenting the first six; the last three are different in approach).  As all spiritual wisdom, they are a road map to our Oneness — ways to find God’s blessing — which we’ll likely not arrive at in this incarnation.  Being on the road is its own form of union, as we have companions guided by the same light, giving us strength, loving us.

The Beatitudes are a central aspect of Christ’s teachings.  Prior to Christ’s work on the earth, God was considered  up there somewhere, not easily accessible.  Christ came into the world, the earth, and our being (known as the “in-dwelling”).  Beyond his deeds on the earth, Christ dwells in us; He planted the light grain seed within us for us to fill through Him.  Christ is ready to help us find our Home, know our union with God (Oneness).

A quick note re: this theology — the Christ is an eternal being, was there with God in the beginning.  He incarnated in Jesus’ body  — Jesus’ life was a preparation to receive the divine being of Christ.  I am not offering this teaching from Christ exclusive of other spiritual traditions.  It’s the one I follow, and I offer the Beatitudes as one spiritual wisdom practice.

I’m putting the Beatitudes in my words, as part of my internalizing their wisdom.  The Beatitudes are included as they appear in the Bible (Matthew, 5:1 — 12, KJV).  If need be, please replace “Christ” with the corollary internal guiding light your faith offers.  If you don’t believe in spiritual realms, please translate these practices into whatever way you find, and give, truth and love.

How the Beatitudes can help connect to Oneness by Bill Hutchins
Photo by Evershot on Unsplash

Knocking on the Door into Spiritual Realms

Blessed are the poor in spirit: 
for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

Our first step is to understand that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we are disconnected from our source.  As a dog crying for his keeper, we long for reunion.  Prayer is our cry, our knocking on the door into spiritual realms, our Home.  Christ hears us, offers guidance along the way.  Through prayer and mindfulness, we hear His guidance.

Blessed are they that mourn:
for they shall be comforted.

Living in our material realm — with much darkness —  foreign to our true Home, we experience hardship and suffering.  We’re here to bring light into the darkness, light that the world often doesn’t receive and tries to put out. We can feel emptiness and estrangement, not knowing who we are and where we are.  Through creative patience, we can hear and draw on Christ’s internal strength to do our work in the world.  The spiritual will transmute the material.

Command of our Inner Nature

Blessed are the meek: 
for they shall inherit the earth.

Essential to being the light we are is having command of our inner nature; not being controlled by our fears, wants, random interests.  There is no struggle in this work; it’s surrendering to the peace we are.  Silence and stillness is the realm where we find peace.

Blessed are they who hunger 
and thirst for righteousness: 
for they shall be filled.

Our soul hungers for reunion.  Our soul is not self-sufficient, and we find spiritual and moral wisdom hidden in everyday experiences.  Wonder opens our inner eye to see our path to Oneness, to see Christ showing the way.  Opening our heart allows us to receive the life our souls long for.  

Living through the Divinity We Are

Blessed are the merciful: 
for they shall obtain mercy.

Giving love, we receive love. Through compassion, we share the warmth of our heart.  Our loving act — from Christ’s light within — can open our companion’s heart, where they can freely give love .  Being loving doesn’t always come easily but we can ask for and gather strength through Christ within.

Blessed are the pure in heart: 
for they shall see God.

Longing for reunion as we may, we do find moments we are pure of heart, when we live into and through the divine being we are.  Our soul is a crystal, with many facets radiating widely.  Our spiritual practices purify our crystal — of our lower-self instincts — allowing us to more clearly shine Christ’s light.  Christ is guiding us in the work from inside; we hear him through our conscience, which tells us what is true, just, harmonious, loving.


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