A Poetic Exploration of Home

Inspirational quotes, original poems and meditative exercises that offer ways to engage with our home, and the world, with an open heart.

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Creating essential connections to our home and physical spaces

Dwelling, A Poetic Exploration of Home is a book about how we can forge deeper connections to our built environment.

In the first book of the Dwelling series, Bill gives you a series of tools - poems, imagery, meditative exercises - that can be used to change the way you live and experience your home.

Through his perspective as an ecological architect, Bill invites you to engage with your inner Home - your soul, your essence, your needs and aspirations - so that you may find ways to reflect these in your physical home.

At its core, and deeply rooted to ecological living, this book aims to change the way you relate to architecture so that you may create spaces that make you feel alive, nurture your soul and help you thrive.

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Dwelling invited me to stop and dwell - within myself, within my body, within the spaces of my home.

Our homes, like our bodies, are sacred containers of our souls. They contain and nourish us. They support us to relate to ourselves and each other from our spiritual center - if we dare to drop down and experience ourselves and the spaces we occupy that way. Dwelling is an invitation and a guide to do just that.


Dwelling is multi-faceted. It is poetry and prose. It offers medicine for the spirit, ideas for the mind, exercises for the body, and tools for the hands. It is a great guide for dreamers, planners, doers, and celebrators!

Emily Gupta

Dwelling brings a purposeful consideration to the entire endeavor [of ecological living], opening the door for conscious living, design, building and development that holds inner and outer worth of all things as paramount.

Lourdes Barden-Sims

Dwelling is kaleidoscopic, seeking to illuminate
Through the endlessly faceted Home logos.
I’ve shared what has shined through me.

This book grows,
Spiraling out from its seed-center.

Bill Hutchins, author and architect

Poet & architect

Bill Hutchins

Bill is a poet and an architect, who tells stories through space, form and words.

His personal unfolding has informed his architectural work, as it gave him the eyes to see DWELLING. Bill has also developed DWELLING by working with clients in the making of their homes.

As an architect, Bill has a unique insight into creating space, but his nearly three decade meditation on Home - “our inner, spiritual origin; our deep, still center, united with all; where Spirit resides” - has brought ways to make the physical design and construction of a house, or the organization of our existing house, into an invitation to connect to Spirit (our ineffable and personal spiritual Source, known by many names). 

The DWELLING books are a result of his explorations through spiritual texts, meditation, poetry, being in nature, dance and playing with his daughter.

To get in touch with Bill for information on workshops, talking engagements or general questions, please write to bill@exploringdwelling.com.

We learn to bear the beams of love
By asking and living into

The questions

That take us to our true Self,
Such as the ones that the death of a loved one
Or the birth of our child raise;

That get to the truth of our existence,
That takes us into our basic human impulses
That flow through the blood of us all,

That forms the membrane of our heart.

Spirit’s Fruit is Love
Bearing the Beams of Love

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Dwelling, A Poetic Exploration of Home

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Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home Book Cover

All of us have the familiar experience of moving into a new space, trying to fit our many selves into a place until it feels safe and secure. For many, this is a process of rearranging and simplifying. Through Dwelling, Bill invites us to explore our inner Home, as a way to give rise to the internal images that bring grounding and centering.