Nine Ways to Dwell by Following the Light

A central, powerful way to Dwell is to follow the light.  

We know the world by the sun’s rays reflecting off form, streaming into our heart and mind through our eyes.  We are then united with that form’s being.

More deeply, light animates life.  Spirit rides light’s currents, enters us, enlivens us.  

Here are a few ways I follow the light —

  • I greet the rising sun, opening my heart to receive love. I smile; love is unleashed, fills me.
  • Regardless of the place I am, I look up into the clouds; my heart is fed by the unfurling luminosity.
  • Light reveals shape, nuance, color, texture; darkness.  I observe the play of light on form and liquid and atmosphere.  I’m nourished as drinking spring water.
  • The most astonishing light I experience comes from the moon — sunlight refracting off the moon, transforming into spiritual Light, seeping into my heart.
  • I linger with the setting sun, and am given gratitude for life.

And here are ways I bring love and light into the world.  Always open my heart, from which love and light emits to others —

  • Lovingly touch another — a smile, kiss, hug, gentle hand on a shoulder, looking deeply into another’s eyes.
  • Creating — playing music, singing, writing, making art, making a baby…….
  • Any action done in gratitude for the gift of life, praising life.

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