Poems and writings about Dwelling.

Catalyst for Dwelling - Journal Entry for Beams of Love

The Catalyst for Dwelling

There is a light grain seed insideYou fill it with your self, or it dies.I’m caught in this curling energy, your hairWhoever is calm and sensible, is insane.Rumi This seed of a poem is the catalyst for Dwelling. Our life can be as simple as living into our true, real Self. In Mary Oliver’s equally […]

Client stories - An in-home consultation of a courtyard home in Mexico

Reflections for a client wanting to build a courtyard home in Mexico

Client stories – Bill writes to his clients after a DWELLING in-home consultation Your courtyard home in Mexico… First off, here is the disposition of your future home – it’s in San Miguel de Allende, about 150 miles north of Mexico City. San Miguel is a beautiful Colonial town, with the usual vibrant Mexican life force. You […]

We can vitalize and balance our home through Dwelling – from the Outside In

An excerpt from Dwelling – Book 3 We can vitalize and balance our life by engaging, and forming relationship with, that which has life-force. Our home is an organism that can breath and be in rhythm with the life-force of the earth and sky. Our home is our next layer of enclosure beyond our skin, and, as our skin, […]

A few words on Images An excerpt from Dwelling — Book 2

A few words on Images – from the Inside Out

An excerpt from Dwelling – Book 2 An image is a message from spiritual realms, and can take any form – from a fall leaf, falling right in front of us, giving us a color palette for a painting we’re working on; to an internal insight, a clue for resolving an unresolved issue. An Image is a life-giving […]

Our Home A poem from Dwelling — Book 1

Our Home – Poetry

A poem from Dwelling – Book 1 Firmly plants our body in the earth As it reaches our spirit to the sky, It expands us along the earth’s atmosphere To all things. Our home is where we make Home. Our home is a vessel to hold love; It’s our sanctuary, where We can open to deeper […]