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A Poetic Exploration of Home

Zoom with me into an exploration of A Poetic Exploration of Home! This hour long session is an expanded book reading, giving you an experience of ways to create essential connections to our home and physical spaces.

I’ve been exploring Dwelling as an architect and poet. I offer ways to engage in the dialogue between our physical home, and our spiritual Home, our inner dwelling, where we meet Spirit. A Poetic Exploration of Home, presents the logos behind this work, and ways to engage in this dialogue through our material home, and contemplative practices.

At its core, and deeply rooted to ecological living, DWELLING aims to change the way you relate to architecture so that you may create spaces that make you feel alive, nurture your soul and help you thrive.


Brief description

We'll begin by centering with a candle, getting to know each other and reading a Light Grain Seed poem by Rumi.

Then I provide context for this work and how it developed. We'll delve into the forces and metaphors that reside in the book and my relationship to Dwelling.

We'll explore the images of Dwelling and read out loud an image/poem that resonates.

Next, we'll take a look at Book 2, with ways to Dwell, from the inside out and from the outside in, as I describe a few of these ways.

From Book 3 we will explore the space between us — to ways to create Home/home.

We’ll close by offering any other insights, or offering questions that will help us all further submerge into how to bring this vision to architectural projects.

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About Bill

Bill is a poet and an architect, who tells stories through space, form and words. He founded Helicon Works Architects, a unique architectural collaborative community, in 1989, based in Takoma Park, MD, where he lived with his family until 2019. Bill now lives at his wife's ancestral home in Vermont where he continues to practice architecture and enjoy the forest.


I liked the flow and liked the readings; I had several inspired thoughts that came up during / throughout.

The nourishing poems and words have lived on in my mind since then! So thank you!

Joy Andrews

I do look at my own house and self in the terms Bill proposes, and certainly the world would be a different place if everyone - or most people - took what resonates with them from the book and applied it in their lives. Shelter is everyone's business!

For me, Dwelling is a work of art; as such it nevertheless wants to do two things: 1) have integrity as a work of art, 2) give useful ideas and advice about how to think about and create Home for ourselves in a way that honors our hearts and the planet/nature. Bill has accomplished both with Dwelling.

Alice Trembour
Dwelling is a truly beautiful book. Bill's poetry is wonderful - and I love how he has interlaced his poetry within a progression of nature photographs and the poetry of others as an expression of this important theme. I look forward to sitting down in a quiet place and reading this book many times through.
Jeff Bronow