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Learning to Love a Forest

A forest implores us to engage and live and be a part of its hidden wonders, flashes of truth. While sitting or walking and feeling the beauty in a garden or forest brings us solace and some healing, creatively engaging with, loving a forest, deepens and expands our and a forest's life.

Quotes, poems and meditative exercises to creatively engage with the forest, with Self and Spirit.

Learning to Love a Forest Book Cover


The poems in this book are rooted in a forest place, reaching and branching toward you. Like trees, the poems shade the mind and protect the spirit. They walk you through the filtered light of understanding, where you may gradually see more as you venture deeper. Reading, your intuitive wandering will be spangled with glimpses of forest light to restore you from exile back to your forest home.

Kim Stafford
former Oregon Poet Laureate
and author of Singer Come from Afar

Learning to Love a Forest exquisitely captures how the forest can teach, comfort, inspire and heal us if we open ourselves to a relationship rooted in Oneness. In these unprecedented times as our estrangement from the earth threatens all life, this relationship is needed to save us and the forest itself. Bill’s writing inspires life-loving consciousness and gifts us with a powerful teaching for protecting nature, a gateway to personal action, and a beam of light on nature’s will to live.

Fran Teplitz
Executive Co-Director, Green America

Every day for two years Bill Hutchins entered the “young wildness” of a Vermont forest. Ambling through rain, sun, ice, and snow, he gazed into the life of the woods, where all yearns toward life and “every step has never been taken.” In Learning to Love a Forest Hutchins shares a portal to connection, quietude and love. If you’ve never loved a forest this book may show you how. If you have but have strayed, Hutchins will take your hand and show you the way back.

Krista Schlyer
environmental advocate,
photographer / filmmaker
Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home Book Cover


A Poetic Exploration of Home

Dwelling, A Poetic Exploration of Home as an internal image — our silent, still center — and how we can find Home, as spiritual work, through creating and living in our physical home.

Quotes, poems and meditative exercises will inspire and guide you to engage with your home and the world - a spiritual path to ecological living.


Dwelling is multi-faceted. It is poetry and prose. It offers medicine for the spirit, ideas for the mind, exercises for the body, and tools for the hands. It is a great guide for dreamers, planners, doers, and celebrators!

Emily Gupta

Dwelling invited me to stop and dwell - within myself, within my body, within the spaces of my home.

Our homes, like our bodies, are sacred containers of our souls. They contain and nourish us. They support us to relate to ourselves and each other from our spiritual center - if we dare to drop down and experience ourselves and the spaces we occupy that way. Dwelling is an invitation and a guide to do just that.

Anne Dykers

Dwelling brings a purposeful consideration to the entire endeavor [of ecological living], opening the door for conscious living, design, building and development that holds inner and outer worth of all things as paramount.

Lourdes Barden-Sims
Bill Hutchins, author and architect

Poet & architect

Bill Hutchins

Bill is a poet and an architect, who tells stories through space, form and words. He founded Helicon Works Architects, a unique architectural collaborative community, in 1989, based in Takoma Park, MD, where he lived with his family until 2019.

Bill came to know Dwelling during this time. His personal unfolding into Dwelling informed his architectural work, and he developed Dwelling by working with clients in the making of their homes and Home.

The creating and building of his family’s home, completed in 2006, galvanized his understanding of DWELLING. His homes are alive, playful, healing, with cozy spaces for intimate moments, and luminous gathering rooms.

In 2019, Bill and Beth moved to the Refuge, her ancestral home in Vermont. Bill felt called by the forest to learn how to love the forest. He continues to learn!

A Poetic Exploration of Home and Learning to Love a Forest are a result of his explorations through spiritual texts, meditation, poetry, being in nature, dance and play.

Bill is also the Board President of a Nepalese foundation - www.KRMEF.org. In his role there he is helping to bring sustainable practices to the foundation’s village just south of Kathmandu. This community is another family for Bill.

You can get to know Bill at the Dwelling readings and workshops, or write to him at bill@exploringdwelling.com.


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