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Learning to Love a Forest

Zoom with me into an exploration of Learning to Love a Forest! This hour long session is an expanded book reading, giving you an experience of ways to weave your life into a forest’s.

I’ve been exploring Dwelling as an architect and poet. I offer ways to engage in the dialogue between our physical home, and our spiritual Home, our inner dwelling, where we meet Spirit. The first study/book, A Poetic Exploration of Home, presents the logos behind this work, and ways to engage in this dialogue through our material home, and contemplative practices.

Learning to Love a Forest then is the first subsequent study of Dwelling beyond our home, with our material source, earth, and her forests.

Brief description

We’ll begin by centering with a candle. We’ll then learn about how we can Dwell — form intimate relationship with — a forest, or our home, or… anywhere.  

I’ll give you context for this work, the forest our home resides in.

We’ll all then amble through the poems I’ve written with the forest — the primary way I’ve Dwelled with the forest — taking our time to discuss how a poem speaks to you as I read them.

We’ll then discuss other ways we’ve engaged open-heartedly with a forest.

We’ll close by offering any other insights, or offering questions that will help us all further submerge into learning ways to love a forest.

  • The next reading will be held at dates TBC.
  • The online reading will be hosted on Zoom. A zoom invitation will be sent out to you the day before the event.
  • Gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people and are free.
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7:30pm EST

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Online Reading



About Bill

Bill is a poet and an architect, who tells stories through space, form and words. He founded Helicon Works Architects, a unique architectural collaborative community, in 1989, based in Takoma Park, MD, where he lived with his family until 2019. Bill now lives at his wife's ancestral home in Vermont where he continues to practice architecture and enjoy the forest.


Thanks for the reading last night.  I enjoyed it. I appreciate the path you are on, of knowing yourself through knowing and loving that forest.  It looks like a fruitful path.

It was nice to be able to share myself and to hear others share.  Somehow, creating a space with a theme around which people can remember and share their own stories, allows us to feel connected with each other and with the Earth/Forest.  And feeling/being connected is what it’s all about, don’t you think?

I really enjoyed the ambience of people lying under covers with mugs of tea, like an online poetry lounge cafe!

I loved listening to you reciting the poems -- I had read just about all of them this afternoon, and there were all these echoes...