My Visceral Response to This Forest

I feel at home in this forest. 

As I enter the forest, peace permeates me.  This experience feels primal; I had this dense knowing as a child.  And this feeling is different now, perhaps as I had been astray — all of those career days in the city — and am returning.  Those years apart were abstract, living in realms that are mental constructs.  The forest and earth is what is real.  Every cell in my body has rekindled embers previously overwhelmed by city lights.

My vision is activated, becomes charged as light snowfall in sunlight, or dappling sunlight within tree foliage.

I feel the shape of the land, how it resonates with my body.

I know my rootedness in the earth, this forest. I feel my roots seeping into the earth, relating with tree roots.

I feel the tree’s firmness.  Walking through them aligns my desire to live as part of the union of the earth and spiritual realms.

I feel the brook’s song vibrate through my body.

I feel the boulder’s soft chill on a hot day.  I always feel the boulder’s permanence as mine.

I feel ferns caressing my legs. 

When I travel, leave this forest, the swirl of it all flows through my body. I’m gone but not homeless.


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