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Divine Beings

Russia Violates Ukraine, 4 Every leaf is divine Essential, precious, love-filled Every leaf speaks Truth, wonder, light Every leaf equal Every leaf falls Becomes food for its tree Every soldier is divine Essential, precious, love-filled Every soldier speaks Killing   Every soldier equal Every soldier may fall Blood feeding earth A bullet kills us all the same …

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Russia Violates Ukraine, 3 In the beginning  Was every beginning To the life Within a seed, Falling to the earth Is a beginning Two waterdrops merge Begin a trickle Begin a brook Begin a river Begin an ocean Begin life Two people face each other Not understanding each other Not open to beginning Begin separation …

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A Pearl

Russia Violates Ukraine, 2 In a seed, a tree In an embryo, a babyIn a word, a story In light, life In life, light In a touch, love In a planet, life In a spark, fire In a brook, an ocean In lightning, thunder In surf, union In water, ice In water, life In a …

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All of It

Russia Violates Ukraine, 1 watch snow breathe         unwind snow    gentle           silence          stillness no wind           only snow falling falling through me heaven’s touch keep watchingnothing else to do But there is. Freezing, dense snow Birds flash here …

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