A few words on Images – from the Inside Out

An excerpt from Dwelling – Book 2

An image is a message from spiritual realms, and can take any form – from a fall leaf, falling right in front of us, giving us a color palette for a painting we’re working on; to an internal insight, a clue for resolving an unresolved issue.

An Image is a life-giving impulse – the presence inside poems – of the ineffable Love-energy that is the heartbeat of the cosmos. An Image embodies logos, holds a sliver of divine intelligence. An Image is the luminosity of the moon, a reflection of the unfathomable splendor of Love. We may have small eyes, but we have the capacity to see and experience enormous things.


Images are within us, lying as pearls, buried in dreams, memories, ancestry and our inner knowing; and, all around us, as constellations in the night sky. Images lie waiting for us to find amongst the leaves of a forest floor, or they can burst into our knowing, as a comet. However they come to us, they are helpers illuminating our path. Images are seeds given for us to plant and work with, to bring to life in worldly form, as inspiration.

Images can come to us in any form and through any sense – they can be held in a gesture, color, an inner impulse, a way of being. Our experience of the world is played out on a stage where everything is a part of our story – everything is purposeful – and we are a part of everything’s story. Dwelling is our way to give form to the voices in our story.


An Image embodies a spark – it is Spirit’s Light – of Union with Spirit. We look all around for THE answer, yet Love’s touch is all around us in each breath we take. We long for bursts of enlightenment, yet Love grows slowly within us, through the waves of Spirit that shape the bordering shore we are. Dwelling through the gentle rhythm of receiving Images forms the solid ground from which we can take in the 1000-volt emotional-tsunamis when they hit.

The beauty we love is brought to us in Images. Beauty isn’t merely pretty – pretty things are a tonic to our numbness, at best only soothing our pain. Beauty is what is truthful, has integrity, unites us at our core and leads us into the fullness of our humanity. Artists – which we all are – are touched by an Image, their expression of which awakens and inspires us.

Do you have special images that help you throughout the day? Are they always the same or do they change? Do they come from past experiences, from your dreams? What do they mean to you?


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