The Catalyst for Dwelling

There is a light grain seed inside

You fill it with your self, or it dies.

I’m caught in this curling energy, your hair

Whoever is calm and sensible, is insane.


This seed of a poem is the catalyst for Dwelling. Our life can be as simple as living into our true, real Self. In Mary Oliver’s equally I’m-offering-the-secret-to-the-universe poem, Wild Geese, lies a similar simple yet challenging rally cry – You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

We ONLY have to open our heart to our Self. That surrendering is the hardest thing we’ll ever be asked to do.

Catalyst for Dwelling

I am that caterpillar, and I’m willing to bet you are as well. A simple way I discern my path is I (endeavor to) go wherever I most resist. When I fail, as I do daily – I’m asleep to my Self – somehow I wake up in some other beautiful place I never imagined. Some One loves me.

Join me in DWELLING. We’re not meant to be alone – we are our home, and community is our neighborhood, our people, our companions, who we share bread with. This DWELLING website can be a layer of your community.


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