Two or More… An Exploration of Relationship

Beams of Love

I recently gave a good friend a deep hug, one of those hugs where you melt into the other, when your mind isn’t, only this deep space you’ve entered. When we came back, she softly and playfully said, “that was Dwelling.”

I feel a second book is growing in me, and it’s exploring “when two or more gather in my name, there I am.” (my paraphrasing). This line is attributed to Jesus, but please forget religion and freshly consider these words.

Dwelling, the book, explores our journey, as solitary beings, which of course we never are. We’re always in relationship – we are the relationship – with a companion, or one of many aspects of the earth and cosmos. If we enter into any of the spaces that open between us and the other, with a clear intention to be united – “gather in my name” – then we can deepen our living.

A few years ago, one of our tenants voiced upset with me. I responded not so gracefully, and she went out on the front porch upset. I sat willing to let her be as such, when finally I got up and went out to deal with the situation. As soon as I faced her, we got into one of those ridiculous “you said/I said” fights. Once I could see what was happening, I softened and opened my heart.  Instantly, she too softened and we acknowledged our responsibility for the situation, hugged, and even shed a few tears.

“I am” was called in by opening my heart – “I am” is love. Love is the name of the game – it’s what I’m talking about.  

We can make love through the space of our heart, and our home. We can love a tree, expand our relationship with the tree, via our home, by orienting a favorite sitting space to the tree. The “two or more” are us and the tree; we gather the tree into relationship.  

We can create an intimate window seat, that’s both inward and expansive, to deepen our meeting a close friend there. Here, our heart space is mirrored by the bay window.  

We can sit side by side, on a terrace overlooking the forest and a distant mountain, and share the expansiveness – simply being together, mostly in silence with a few words passing between us and our friend. True intimacy is not feeling the need to fill the space with talk.

Love is the space between us and another. The two of us form the space that holds love. By “gathering,” by engaging, by creating a heart or physical space, we make an opening for love to enter.

There are many aspects to Two or More, which I’ll explore in subsequent blogs. Can you offer ways you Dwell with your companions?


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